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21 Oct 2019

Here at Tartle Media, we ghostwrite articles for national business publications, many of which include insightful comments from entrepreneurs and leaders. We collect those comments up, select the best, and then we ask each spokesperson (or their PR rep) to supply a hea...

1 Oct 2019

Writing a fantastic piece of content can induce untold stress. You tinker with sentence structure and flow for hours, only to find no one clicks on your masterpiece because the headline is letting you down. 

The headline of your article is like a fir...

24 Sep 2019

"Should I be using LinkedIn if I’m trying to reach consumers and I’m not selling to other businesses?". This question crops up frequently when we talk to startups. 

We’re all stretched, and if you’re selling baseballs, beer, or bundt cakes, LinkedIn – the prof...

24 Sep 2019

At Tartle Media, we’re ghostwriters and copywriters, not just PR people. We have to simplify what business folk have been struggling to encapsulate in one company strapline. As connoisseurs of the apparently untranslatable, we’ve collated our favourites, and all are ap...

17 May 2019

Commonly the stomping ground for digital marketers, an SEO conference is almost alien territory for your friendly neighbourhood PR man.

But I have heard tales of the legendary Brighton SEO: from humble beginnings, it now attracts visitors from all over the world.

I ventu...

2 May 2019

When you're naming your company or website address, don't do it for SEO. Marks & Spencer does pretty well online these days without being called 'top end posh food shop', yet Google knows exactly what they do and what search terms should produce their s...

2 May 2019

Buzzshot, an Escape Room SaaS company, launched in 2016. It covers player check in and waivers, custom hardware for in-game photography, post-game follow up by SMS and email and community outreach, all in a single system.

1 May 2019

You can’t expect to grow followers if you don’t offer anything interesting to watch, read or listen to.

1 May 2019

Innovation = what we'd better be doing while we're playing ping pong and lazing around on beanbags

1 Apr 2019

We're in the business of bagging press coverage for our startup clients, so if we were to keep all the pickings for ourselves, they might have a few choice words for us.

But occasionally, we have a little flutter...

Here are a few bits we made earlier, with more to follo...

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