• Alex McCord

Best cafes for freelancers and laptop nomads in Brighton & Hove

Thanks to recent events, many of us are now abundantly aware that working from home isn't all gravy. While it is pretty great that no-one can steal my lunch from the fridge or rip a fart near my desk, there are some pitfalls to going remote.

Being cooped up in the house all day alone can get pretty lonely and no-one wants to wind up hating the space they live in. So, it's usual for me to take my laptop and wander into the cafes of Brighton and Hove to be surrounded by all those people I usually would avoid if they were in the office. Turns out you do miss them once they are gone.

Fortunately, those who reside in England's rebellious seaside city are spoilt for choice when it comes to locations to hunker down for a hard day of remote working.

Note that we have impeccable cafe working manners. The etiquette is as follows:

1. Always turn up with laptop and phone fully charged. Don't use power sockets unless it's an emergency.

2. When your cup is empty, order another drink or snack within 10 minutes.

3. Don't outstay your welcome (three hours at the most).

4. Don't hog a big table and be prepared to move, share or switch if it gets busy.

5. Don't watch videos without headphones, and don't make loud phone calls. That's just antisocial.

Here are our favourite spots to work in Brighton and Hove:

Moksha Caffe

Let's face it, the beauty of working from a well-known coffee establishment is the anonymity (aside from when your venti caramel choca mocha is ready and they scream your name). Moksha is the best of both: an independent Brighton coffee shop with the anonymity of a Starbucks/Costa/Pret/Nero. Where everybody doesn't know your name. Make this your workspace for a few hours, and enjoy sampling the truly impressive range of cakes on offer.

Location: 4-5 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU

Opening hours: every day, 8pm-4pm

Presuming Ed's

Do you like gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian food? Who am I kidding, you live in Brighton, of course you do! Great food, lovely decor and stupidly fast wi-fi, Presuming Ed's has far too often had the pleasure of having me quenching my thirst on their complimentary mint & lemon infused water (between all those exceptional coffees I buy, naturally).

Presuming Ed's has a dedicated space for freelance workers and laptop nomads (and no laptop policy on some tables). There is also a bookable workspace if you want to gather your cohorts in town. However, it is gathering a reputation among the work crowd, so you may find yourself battling for plugs sockets here.

Location: 114 London Road, BN1 4LJ

Opening Hours: every day 10am-6pm and til late Thurs-Sat


The main attraction of working at Village is that it's a home from home - so much so that you'll want to show up in your slippers.

Village doubles up as a bar and venue so it is open til late and serves a locally sourced brunch all day until 4pm. After that, you can order a takeaway locally and they'll provide the plates and cutlery. Seating is at wooden dining tables or comfy sofas and armchairs with plenty of plugs and speedy internet.

Location: 129 Islingword Road, BN2 9SH

Opening Hours: 8am til late every day, and from 9am on Sundays

Cafe Rust

This shabby-chic cafe in Hove has a gorgeous garden tucked away upstairs for those days when you want a little more sunlight in your work life. Rust has multiple locations, but our favourite is the one that occupies where Lala's used to be on George Street. The food is fantastic and well portioned, which is handy as it falls on the expensive side (most dishes come in at around £9).

Location: 81 George Street, Hove, BN3 3YE

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-4pm

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