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Tartle Media is a PR agency based in Brighton.

It was founded in 2017 by former national newspaper journalist Emily Garnham, who 

spent seven years growing and managing a successful London PR agency.

She has helped catapult brands – including


– to household name status.

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With the tenacity of hounds, we secure press coverage, and lots of it. 

Using our news nous and copywriting prowess we plan and execute thought-leadership and data-driven campaigns, as well as product and business launches and funding announcements.


Our clients are scattered all over the UK and span multiple sectors, including technology, financial services, business services, property, education, marketing and transport.

We wear other hats, too: one for LinkedIn lead-generating content campaigns for B2B businesses, another for content creation for companies looking to bolster their marketing strategies, and a third for our popular copywriting services (books, guides, white papers, newsletters, features and websites).

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Tartle works exclusively with startups and SMEs.


When it comes to getting news coverage, smaller businesses have the edge on larger ones.


Why? Firstly, because journalists always need new voices. Big companies tend to dominate in the press because they pay tens of thousands of pounds a month for PR. But hearing from the same people gets boring.


SME leaders have just as much expertise in their sectors, and they're not scared to have opinions. This makes for great press commentary.

Secondly, SMEs are more agile. We, as your PR firm, can go straight to the top for comments, rather than wading through a multi-layered sign off process involving several people. It's faster and more efficient, and journalists on tight deadlines appreciate speed.

This is how we are able to get press coverage for tiny companies that have never been quoted by journalists before.

That, and our ability to deliver a neat soundbite.


Burning questions? Read our FAQs below to be enlightened.


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