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Who Are We?

When people at parties ask us what we do, we tell them we get businesses into the press, and that's absolutely true. What we omit – because people at parties are just making polite chit chat and don't need the life story – is that Tartle Media works exclusively with small and medium-sized businesses and startups seeking press coverage, well-executed launches, journalist-quality copywriting, LinkedIn content campaigns, and beautiful brand design, with no hidden costs. 


Tartle Media, a specialist media relations company, founded in 2017 by ex-journalist and PR agency director Emily Garnham, is proud to be a somewhat responsible business and employer, based in Brighton.


A few months ago, a client asked me a very simple question: 'What's your passion in life?' 


After squinting at him a while I stammered a not even half-acceptable response:"Errrr, my dog, travel, wine, being a good friend, partner, sister... I don't know.... understanding the meaning of life?" 


That night I went home and wrote down a list of life goals which included rearing a herd of sproodles, learning the Sultans of Swing guitar solo, studying for the Master of Wine, riding the Orient Express, and cycling from Brighton to Amsterdam with little more than a toothbrush and a passport. 


But, for now, my sproodle shepherding dreams are on pause as I grow Tartle Media, which I launched in 2017 in my recently-adopted hometown of Brighton. Because helping startup businesses succeed is my other passion.


I'm a former national newspaper journalist who later spent seven years growing a successful London PR agency, where I helped catapult brands – including uSwitch, SpareRoom and Protect Your Bubble – to household name status.


Now, I revel in helping startups through their early years, securing them press coverage by taking a journalistic approach, and by creating LinkedIn campaigns that don't make audiences want to stick pins in their eyes.



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Charming, intelligent and witty are just some of the words that Alex knows.


Brighton trained and Midland-made, Alex is a former journalist and editor who has worked with The Argus, BroadwayBaby and Culture24. 


For some reason, Alex studied philosophy at university. However, after hearing the tragic news that the last philosophy factories had all closed, he turned to other pursuits. 


This led Alex to become a proud member of the team at Tartle Media where his experiences of pitching to commissioning editors and nose for a story turned out to be transferable skills (who knew?!).


Alex works and lives in Brighton where he can be found taking up all the good seats and hogging the plug sockets in coffee shops throughout the city. ​


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