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6 things that will happen when running your first LinkedIn campaign

If you're a business selling to other businesses, creating content for LinkedIn is an effective way to show off your knowledge and expertise as a thought leader, gain exposure for your business, and generate leads.

Half a billion people are members of the business networking platform (more than half of them are active users) and clever targeting tools in LinkedIn's Campaign Manager mean you can get your business in front of the people who are most likely to use your service or buy your product.

At Tartle, we also use LinkedIn to make our B2B clients' press coverage go further, and be seen by their target audiences, but of course you can also do this yourself, and you don't have to be a marketeer either.

Here are six things that will happen when you start running LinkedIn content campaigns for your own startup...

  1. You will become obsessed by performance figures. Your Campaign Manager browser window will be refreshed more often than is healthy, late into the night. You think Instagram has you hooked? This stuff is truly addictive.

  2. You have a mild heart attack every time you open Campaign Manager and it suddenly decides to show you total historic spend across all the campaigns you've ever run, instead of your spend for the current live campaign.

  3. You will start making friends with various hyper-enthusiastic people on LinkedIn’s help desk whose job titles include the word ‘solutions’. You quickly find out how much they love exclamation marks and liberally crediting you for doing American things like ‘reaching out’. Occasionally they'll even throw you a $100 credit.

  4. You’ll become so interested in the psychology of engagement with social media posts that you'll start creating many slightly different versions of campaign images. So many, in fact, that you’ll end up with 26 of the darn things in just one campaign for A/B testing (or A to Z testing, in my case).

  5. You will start to become really annoyed by the various limitations of Campaign Manager: “What do you mean I can’t bloody edit Lead Gen forms?! What kind of madness is this?!"

  6. You’ll start trying to think like your audience: “Hmmm, more people will download a white paper on a Friday because that’s when they’re most in need of a distraction from work.” “Oooh, let’s target them at 11am when they are having a coffee break and a scrolling through their social feeds.”

To discuss running a LinkedIn content campaign for your startup, get in touch:

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