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Startups on tight budgets need prices upfront, not on request

The PR & marketing industry has never been very good at upfront pricing. Typically, you have to ask.

I get it. No two client jobs are the same, every business has different needs, and projects have to be tailored and priced accordingly.

But small businesses and startups neither have the time to ask multiple companies to quote, nor flexible budgets.

And they certainly don't want to be screening calls and emails from the businesses who've quoted for weeks afterwards.

Those targeting the small business market need to understand small businesses.

Here comes the seamless segue into Tartle's new venture, Startup Toolbox...


The Tartle Media Startup Toolbox. Neater than most toolboxes.


​The idea is simple. Eight bitesized services for startups, all individually priced.

There are one-on-one tutorials for businesses who want to do their own PR, reactive pay-on-results PR for experts, authors and academics, and a press release writing service, too.

On the content side, there are quality blog posts and website copy priced by the page, a storytelling service for businesses who want to inspire customers, and a LinkedIn overhaul for B2B startups.

Finally, there are also business mentoring sessions by an experienced startup mentor to keep you motivated and on track.

We plan to extend this with more bitesized services soon. Do tell us if there's something you want to see added to the Toolbox.

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