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TV news and print newspapers not dead yet

TV is still the most popular platform for news consumption, and more than a third of adults still read print newspapers, according to annual data from Ofcom.

After TV (75%), the internet is the next most popular platform for news (used by 65% of people), followed by radio (42%).

Over a third of adults (35%) get news from print newspapers. When combining traditional print with newspaper websites and apps, this increases to 47%.

BBC One remains the most popular news source overall – used by 56% of people –followed by ITV (41%) and Facebook (34%).

Just over one in 20 adults consume their news via podcasts. Of these, a third use YouTube, around a quarter use BBC Sounds and Spotify, and a fifth use Apple podcasts.

Looking at how people consume news can inform PR campaigns focused on generating press coverage. And, by narrowing down who reads, listens and watches what, we can better target the audiences you want to reach.

If you're feeling invisible, get in touch to talk press coverage for your small business:

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