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Do you have a press kit on your website yet?

A good press kit makes life easier for journalists; it can sometimes be the difference between press coverage and no exposure at all.

For anyone serious about maximising their business’s potential for press coverage, a press kit must be a necessary addition to their website.

A good press kit is there to make life easier for journalists. Many of the best examples contain downloadable images, graphics, data, reports, press releases, comments and some information about what your business does.

It might let journalists request interviews with those leading the company, or get in contact with the company’s PR team quickly, without having to hunt around for contact details.

Insert your face here!

Press kits from brands like Slack and Kickstarter offer downloadable logos and company statistics, summarise brand values, and include biogs and headshots of the leadership team.

The difference between press coverage & zero exposure

A good press kit can sometimes be the difference between a piece of coverage and no exposure at all. Journalists work to incredibly short deadlines, writing whatever the news agenda requires of them, and most simply do not have the time to hunt you down and ask for quotes, data and images.

If your PR team has sent a comment on your behalf to a journalist, and they visit your company website to check out your business, having a press kit adds credibility and suggests you’re a ‘media friendly’ brand.

Actual footage of a news team finding your media kit

Think about including some or all of the following in your press kit:

  • Contact details! How can a journalist quickly reach someone to set up an interview or get a comment for their story? This could be your external PR agency, or a personal assistant with access to the leadership team. Be sure to include phone numbers for speed.

  • Leadership biogs

  • Details of what those people can comment on as experts e.g. remote working, mobile phones, the UK property market, personal finance for millennials

  • Downloadable headshots of your leadership team

  • Downloadable whole team shots

  • Downloadable company logos

  • Any data-driven reports, press releases or press statements that you’ve issued in the past (be sure to include dates for reference, and methodology for surveys)

  • Recent press coverage can be included in a press kit, although many businesses prefer to keep this on a separate (client-facing) webpage



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