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Responsible business? Us?

Tartle Media believes businesses can play a huge part in social reform, and protecting our planet.

For that reason, we're committed to being a responsible employer, and to giving back to the Brighton community.

We're also keen that our business should 'leave no trace' on the environment.

Sure, we're small fry. A tiddler. A mere drop in the ocean. A David, not a Goliath.

But David won. And we're convinced the multiplier effect of businesses being responsible – however minuscule they might be – can be game changing.

Our commitment to...

Our people:

  • Our people are our beating heart and we are fully committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and to creating a lovely working environment.

  • We nurture talent and help people to succeed, irrespective of (though always respectful of) their race, gender, sex, sexuality, age, disability, political or religious beliefs.

  • There is no room at The Tartle Inn for ‘isms’ or ‘ists’. Everyone may apply.

  • We let our people work from wherever they need or want to work. We encourage them to find a routine that puts the ‘life’ back into their 'work-life balance'.

  • The Cycle to Work scheme is available to all employees on request and we never encourage business travel by car.

  • We try to hire locally. This isn’t difficult because Brighton is a hive of creative talent.

The environment:

  • Our business cards are made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts

  • Our computer equipment is refurbished and comes from a local independent computer shop

  • We have no printer: we use e-documents only

  • We have a blanket ban on plastic straws, cups, plates, bags and bottled water.


  • Everyone on our team gets two paid volunteering days a year, for any charitable or community cause of their choice, on top of a generous annual leave allowance.

  • Our team meetings are held in rooms in our local Hanover Community Centre where all profits go to making our community even more vibrant.

  • All our social events are all held in local independent cafes and restaurants in Brighton and Hove.

  • We give our time and expertise for free to help local charity, The Hanover Community Association, gain exposure for its annual fundraiser, the Hanover Beer Festival. Hanover is one of the most vibrant and unique communities in Brighton, and a fine example of what people can achieve with teamwork.

Tartle Media is proud to volunteer for local charity fundraising event, the Hanover Beer Festival (Pic: Bernie Weyman)

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