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Feeling invisible? Tartle Media is a PR firm that gets press coverage for UK startups and small businesses.

We put you on the map by finding your story and your audience, simplifying how you talk about your business, and pitching to journalists who should want to hear about you. We also write copy. Lots of copy. 

Now's probably a good time to mention that we're really rather good at this. The glowing testimonials below will attest.

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Our blog has been listed in

Feedspot’s Top 10 UK Startup Blogs,

Websites & Influencers 2020


It was a fantastic experience. No annoying fluffy pitches, just straight to the point getting stuff done, with minimal admin and formalities which is what you need as a startup founder.

Alec Dent

COO of grocery delivery startup Weezy

Tartle was able to pick out the right story so it really resonated with the press: 90% of our coverage was literally bang on message.


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Normally, we're back and forth between Brighton and London. These days you'll find us on Google Meet, dressed from the waist up. To arrange a call, either fill out this handy form that we're told all professional websites ought to have, or just email us, like a normal person.

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It's likely you'll have some burning questions, about how we get press coverage for startups, or why your small business needs to be doing PR in the first place.


We've probably already answered them on our About page, complete with handy FAQs. 


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