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Want to get your business in the press without hiring an agency to do it for you? Tartle's bespoke two-day DIY PR training courses will teach you how to craft press pitches that cut through the noise, and keep coverage coming even when your business has nothing noteworthy to announce.


Delivered by national journalists turned media relations consultants, you'll learn how the media works, what makes a story, and how to pitch.

We don't just deliver a one-size-fits-all course. First, we get under the bonnet of your business, and look at what the audiences you want to reach are reading and listening to. Then, we design a programme just for you that's packed with story ideas you can take away and action.


We also offer ongoing support. Once you get started, you'll inevitably have questions, and we're more than happy to help.

Painting Together

Teach me how to get press coverage!

Bespoke DIY PR training courses delivered by talented journalists turned PRs 

  • Learn how to craft a perfect pitch


  • Learn about journalists and their agendas, how they work and what they need from you


  • Understand the difference between company news and stories worth reporting (there isn't always overlap)


  • Understand when press releases are required (often they're not), and learn how to write one


  • PR dos and don'ts: we'll take you through best practice and rookie faux pas


  • How to find and engage with case studies


  • Learn how to curate a quality press kit


  • Find out more about how you can turn data and surveys into stories for the press


  • Understand how to get the people in your business and your website ready for PR

Who is this course for?

  • Employees of small and medium-sized businesses who've been tasked with "doing PR", which is highly skilled and easy to get wrong if you've never done it before.


  • Founders of micro-companies who want to work on their personal brand, positioning themselves as thought leaders in their industry.


  • In-house marketers at SMEs who've been handed a PR hospital pass!


  • We also run bespoke courses for those just starting their careers in PR.

"We don't just teach you how to 'do PR'. We get under the very skin of your business, draw out your  experience, expertise, data and case studies and help you turn these into press-ready stories to pitch to journalists."

Emily Garnham

Founder, Tartle Media

Teach me DIY PR

"Emily designed and delivered the training for our PR agency, coaching scores of our employees over 5 years. She’s a natural teacher: patient, intelligent, creative, and has the empathy necessary to keep lessons engaging. This, combined with her experience in the field means you will not find a better teacher to show you the tenets of PR."



Jonny Stevens

PR agency co-founder

The details

Our courses run for two (usually non-consecutive) days and we'll try to work around your busy schedule. Total teaching time is circa 5 hours per day. 


These courses are better delivered offline, so we'll come to your place of work.

Our courses are designed to be one-to-one, but we are happy to train two people from the same company at the same time for an additional fee.

The cost

Reasonable travel costs are included in our pricing. For travel far afield, additional costs may apply.


£ 2,800 plus VAT 

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