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24 Sep 2019

"Should I be using LinkedIn if I’m trying to reach consumers and I’m not selling to other businesses?". This question crops up frequently when we talk to startups. 

We’re all stretched, and if you’re selling baseballs, beer, or bundt cakes, LinkedIn – the prof...

1 May 2019

You can’t expect to grow followers if you don’t offer anything interesting to watch, read or listen to.

11 Jan 2019

I'm a micro-business owner with no business partner around to kick me up the backside, so I’ve had to develop a productivity strategy that works for me. And I wanted to share it with you. I call it Do One Thing which I’m fairly sure I’ve not ripped off from Nike.

15 May 2018

It’s not all about paid content, you can get reach organically on LinkedIn by simply reminding colleagues and employees to share your content. Not only is this completely free of charge, employees have 10 times more reach than companies do. They are trusted and influen...

29 Mar 2018

Don’t underestimate the skill of a good copywriter. They hold people on the page for longer, give your SEO a healthy boost, plus good copy is more likely to be shared. Hiring a wordsmith to give flair to website copy, or ghostwrite a customer newsletter, will help if y...

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