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1 May 2019

Innovation = what we'd better be doing while we're playing ping pong and lazing around on beanbags

15 Jan 2019

About 50% of our working day is writing, including subjective pieces like blogs and opinion editorials, or responses to existing articles for broadsheet letter pages*. Why? Because our clients are experts, and have strong opinions on the topics that shape their industr...

14 Nov 2018

Nigel Davies founder of Brighton-based digital workplace Claromentis, agrees. He said: "I'm not surprised Brighton is top of the list. It’s a creative, vibrant city with a pocket of exceptional talent that surprises us every time we put a new job ad up.

24 Aug 2018

Tartle Media believes businesses can play a huge part in social reform, and protecting our planet.

For that reason, we're committed to being a responsible employer, and to giving back to the Brighton community.

We're also keen that our business should 'leave no trace' o...

6 Apr 2018

This month I'm flagging a site built exclusively for personal trainers, a clever cardboard desk topper that promises to transform your workspace and improve your posture, a company that's bringing handwritten correspondence back to the business world, an online...

20 Feb 2018

Busy startup business owners looking for time and productivity hacks should try the Eisenhower Matrix.

Also known at the 'urgent important matrix', this is a method to help the time poor prioritise tasks and make them more manageable.

First, itemise your to do list. My a...

11 Sep 2017

“True passion is being prepared to do what you don’t want to do. Rowers get up at 4am and put themselves through physical and emotional hell, not to mention the boredom. The sword has to go through the fire to make it strong. If you’re truly passionate you’ll be able t...

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