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1 May 2019

You can’t expect to grow followers if you don’t offer anything interesting to watch, read or listen to.

1 Apr 2019

We're in the business of bagging press coverage for our startup clients, so if we were to keep all the pickings for ourselves, they might have a few choice words for us.

But occasionally, we have a little flutter...

Here are a few bits we made earlier, with more to follo...

12 Jul 2018

Half a billion people now use the business networking platform, and clever targeting tools in LinkedIn's Campaign Manager mean you can get your business in front of the people who are most likely to use your service or buy your product.

15 May 2018

It’s not all about paid content, you can get reach organically on LinkedIn by simply reminding colleagues and employees to share your content. Not only is this completely free of charge, employees have 10 times more reach than companies do. They are trusted and influen...

29 Mar 2018

Don’t underestimate the skill of a good copywriter. They hold people on the page for longer, give your SEO a healthy boost, plus good copy is more likely to be shared. Hiring a wordsmith to give flair to website copy, or ghostwrite a customer newsletter, will help if y...

20 Sep 2017

The PR & marketing industry has never been very good at upfront pricing. Typically, you have to ask.

I get it. No two client jobs are the same, every business has different needs, and projects have to be tailored and priced accordingly.

But small businesses and sta...

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