Why you need to invest in professional headshots

Here at Tartle Media, we ghostwrite articles for national business publications, many of which include insightful comments from entrepreneurs and leaders. We collect those comments up, choose the best, and then we ask each spokesperson (or their PR rep) to supply a headshot. About 30% will reply saying they have no headshots, another 20% might send us something that looks like it was taken at a rave in the Eighties, or in their back garden (shed in view). Some eager PRs hurriedly shoot their clients using iPhones, and then we’re sent images that are slightly wonky, or slightly out of focus. Some won’t even be looking at the camera, and many send us the wrong crop which means we cannot use th

This is why your headlines are flopping

Writing a fantastic piece of content can induce untold stress. You tinker with sentence structure and flow for hours, only to find no one clicks on your masterpiece because the headline is letting you down. The headline of your article is like a first impression – you only get one chance, so it needs to turn heads. But there are plenty of things at play to confuse matters. What's the ideal length? Just how important is search engine optimisation (SEO)? Where's the line between clickable and clickbait? As former multimedia journalists, we’ve had rather a long time to think about this, and to experiment with what works and what doesn't. Check out these tips so everyone gets to appreciate your