Deep listening is a business skill worth mastering

Earlier this month, I flew to Zurich to attend the School of Life's three-day annual conference. This global school for adults – co-founded and led by philosopher Alain de Botton – is dedicated to developing emotional intelligence, and uses psychology, philosophy and culture to help people understand and navigate everyday life. It also helps businesses to become more emotionally intelligent and counts Google, Facebook, EY, PWC, the Guardian and Accenture as clients. One thing that was covered was how to be a good listener. This is a skill that, I've noticed, is downplayed by those who already do it well, but is of huge comfort to those who are lucky enough to have a really good listener in t

Tartle volunteers at Hanover Beer Festival

There are few perks to working in the PR industry, unless you peddle cool consumer products. We don't. But in my interview for the job at Tartle, one of the questions was: “Now... do you like beer?” And, as it turns out, you can mix business with pleasure when given half a chance. This Oktoberfest, Tartle had the distinct pleasure to volunteer its digital nous to help out the Hanover Beer Festival, a charity fundraiser that has been held in Brighton for the past 31 years, earning itself quite the reputation among beer fans and brewers from all over Sussex. It can sometimes be the case that quaint, community-led events can have a difficult time adjusting to the digital age. And, with no socia