This startup owner did her own PR, and sold £1,500 of lingerie in 48 hrs

It is quite possible to do your own PR if you know how. I've been mentoring startups for a few months now, and one of my proudest moments was last week, when a mentee who runs eponymous lingerie business emailed to say she needed to postpone our next session because she'd been inundated with orders. Why? Because Ella had got herself and her business featured in Mail Online – the biggest news site in the world – Daily Star Online and on the front page of her local paper in Essex. In just 48 hours, almost £1,500 worth of orders had come in from as far away as Australia, and the race was on to fulfil them. This press coverage was all Ella's hard work. All we did was spend about 4


Small business owner Brett Dixon, founder of DP Online Marketing, is the only person I know who talks about SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) without making me want to shut my eyes and hum. Amongst many other things, he does rescue jobs for companies who have been blacklisted from Google search because they – or their silly SEO person – has tried to cheat the behemoth’s ever-changing algorithms. He also gives straightforward advice based on tried and tested methods. Here are Brett's tips for startups and small businesses who aren't sure where to begin with SEO and PPC: 1. To be perfectly honest good SEO is something startups can achieve very easily. There are a few tec

Startups on tight budgets need prices upfront, not on request

The PR & marketing industry has never been very good at upfront pricing. Typically, you have to ask. I get it. No two client jobs are the same, every business has different needs, and projects have to be tailored and priced accordingly. But small businesses and startups neither have the time to ask multiple companies to quote, nor flexible budgets. And they certainly don't want to be screening calls and emails from the businesses who've quoted for weeks afterwards. Those targeting the small business market need to understand small businesses. Here comes the seamless segue into Tartle's new venture, Startup Toolbox... The Tartle Media Startup Toolbox. Neater than most toolboxes. ​The idea is

The first rule of positive PR? Don't pick on the elderly

If you operate in an industry where customer complaints are unavoidable, reputation and crisis management is likely to be a big part of your PR strategy. And it really isn't rocket science. 1. Act swiftly to rectify the situation quickly when you've done something wrong 2. Take the necessary steps to make sure it cannot happen again 3. Offer an apology and compensation that outweighs the inconvenience 4. Act like a human, not a faceless corporation In light of a story I read on the Beeb today, I think we can add a couple more here: 5. Don't mess with vulnerable people 6. Use your noggin I hope that Virgin Media's broadband arm is being taken to task by its PR team over this silly move. Since